St Jeannet All Year

We think La Piccada makes an ideal year-round holiday destination, as winters here can be surprisingly warm and sunny – we frequently have lunch outside between November and March, and many hikers and cyclists prefer the gentler temperatures of sunny winter days.  This area is known for its microclimates, and happily the part of St Jeannet where La Piccada is situated is nicknamed 'La Petite Afrique' by locals - a hotspot that never gets frost.  Obviously we can't guarantee that it won't rain, but the rain here tends to be dramatic and short-lived, and invariably followed by glorious sunshine.  What we don't get is the endless grey drizzle of northern Europe!
2018-01-16 15°C
2018-01-17 12°C
2018-01-18 15°C
2018-01-19 16°C
2018-01-20 11°C